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Two Teenagers

Two teenagers. One girl. One boy. Autumn. An empty street with cobblestones, except for two people. A tender breeze that carresses faces. Rain drops illuminated by the rays of sun, not visible to the bare eye. A rainbow that leans upon the sky.

I stop the moment, your hand wrapped around mine, the colors in our smile.

- No! Stop... This is not the end... It is not over yet. You never said it. If only...

- There are no "if only"s. There is none. There is only now. Now.

A teenager. One boy. Summer. An empty street with cobblestones, except for one person. A rebellious wind slashing faces. Eye-drilling, dark raindrops that blind the sun. Thunderstorms, tearing the sky into pieces.

- Wait! You are alone. You are here...

I cannot hold on to time. Easy is born from difficult. You were always the one sleeping inside me. It has always been like that.

- Crying takes courage. A smile is yet effortless. Wait, not yet! To the past. The dance, music. There was only dance. A bit more to the past…